Its hard to talk to everyone about this, but my little brother is disabled. He doesnt speak, write, read, he has a bit of cerebal palsy and suffers from developmental delay. So he doesnt understand a whole lot.

My dad doesnt know how to handle it and bashes him up. My brothers dont seem to know it happens even when its right in front of their faces. Mum is starting to talk about it, she hates it too.
My little bro is only home on weekends and holidays so people say that it probably wouldnt happen anymore (if it did before) but it DOES.

Then theres my mum, she touches him where she shouldnt and other stuff like that (you dont wanna know) I dont know why she does it and a lot of the stuff ppl say is just caring for him, eg. she has to feel his butt to check his nappy (maybe, but not for like FIVE MINUTES)
i dont know if she knows she is hurting him.
She was abused as a kid but she thinks it didnt matter and that it doesnt affect her.
I know that it affected her cuz shes a mess, but no one else can see that cuz she pretends to be ok to them. She talks to me and expects me to always make her feel better and give her answers.
she did stuff to me when i was little but ppl think thats ok too. Its confusing. I dont want anything else happening to my little bro, I've had enough and sometimes just want to kill mum and dad. I've thought of ways to do it, i guess thats not the answer, but if anyone has any on ideas that would be great.
Thanks for listening

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