Hey ! I just got back from Ireland. I had a great time with the male survivors there ! It was fantastic to see each other after the conference in Galway last September. I think it meant a lot for the guys too. It was a very happy evening and the sharings were quite incredible. The guys have made tremendous progress and they are still bravely facing new challenges in their recovery.
I had the most amazing day on Inis mor one of the Aran Island. I made a personal pilgrimage at the Na Seacht Teampaill monastery (dated 8th Century AD). This is a very special place for me, I was very emotional to be back.
I also got to see Jimmy Haran from MASC organization in Galway who struggles so much to keep the centre open for male survivors. He has managed to organize a big concert of Irish music on May 7th. All benefits would go to MASC.
I have also met Phil Garland, Director of Child's protection at the Archbishop House in Dublin. He is doing a fantastic work in supporting survivors who have been abused by priests.
Anyway, I am off now to Northern Italy to attend a training workshop in dance therapy. I am exhausted but really happy I keep meeting wonderful people on my personal journey and I am very happy with the work I am doing as an activist and also as a therapist.
I will write again when I am back or settled in a hotel room with internet connection \:\)
Love and blessings to you all

Mitakuye oyasin ! We are all related !