I know that I've seen some posts in the "Male Survivors" forum about men who have and/or still do experience seizure-like episodes at times that they relate to their experiences with SA. I have looked, but can't seem to find those posts now. Am reluctant to post to that forum again, as I do respect the request that family/friends not post there.

Anyway, my guy mentioned recently that he used to suffer seizure-like episodes when he was in his mid-teens, for which no physical/neurological cause could be found. Apparently he has had a few of these again in the past couple of months and his night terrors seem to be returning in full force as well (though he has suffered with the nightmares for most of his life, he says he had the worse one ever a couple of weeks ago). I would very much like to hear from those men who know what these things are like for him. For any of those men who may be reading this and are willing, please PM me. Any insights or suggestions will be deeply appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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