Just GREATTTTTT Tony the Tiger says, HA! -- Man if any more gets dumped on Hubby2 I think he is gonna split and explode!
the insureance fight has gotten ridicoulus (wow i can spell huh?!) -- they switched insur, increased the cost & co pays -- he had an appt with his T a month ago, T canceled, recheduled I had a fast surgery he forgot to resched the appt -- he re scheduled again, Fri their auto machine calls him to remind him of his appt for Tues blah blah time -- he TAKES OFF WORK to go to appt, gets there & the BeeHIVE behind the desk tells him his appt was YESTERDAY! and NOW if he ever wants another appt he must call the day he wants it... AAAAAGGGHHH PUNISHMENT FOR THEIR SCREW UP?! -- i had my cardio do this to me & stood in hall threw a loud hissy fit calling them all names (oh think my little kid mighta come out then?)
The T he sees is supposedly the ONLY game in town for Male survivors boy o boy does he have the market cornered here!!
The only thing I could think to suggest was to call his T & leave him a voice mail explain the whole Bull process story & either get an appt NOW or find a new T ??? I also suggested he call his SAA sponsor for some suggestions ....
To BOOT our local noosepaper has been running articles on the Sex Offender laws here -- 2nd tuffest in the 12 states that have a law about WHERE a registered offender can live. Remember I called the Sherriff about hubby2 being harrassed at work, this is eating at him plus the whole subject of WHERE he can live too?---
We talked about maybe trying to contact the reporter ( i know him ) and doing a story if he can remain anonymous plus hitting the legislators. We arent defending sex offenses -- but NONE OF THE LAWS ALLOW FOR THE GREY AREAS !!!
Am doing some research about what constitutes a high risk offender & the criteria's used for determining that and WHO determines that.
Hubby2 is listed as low risk, did his time, paid his fine VOLUNTARILY JOINED THERAPY & HIS GROUP FOR SEX ADDICTION -- but the stress of battling the damn health care system & legal system is RAISING HIS RISKS!! What a bunch of sh*t!
any pointers as to where i can garner info for criteria used for determining risk factors for reoffenses, low - high risk etc.... Please help, ... I need to get this letter together for the law makers ---- because we cant build enough prison walls and neither can we STOP abuse if we dont look at the SOCIAL issues -- everyone deserves a chance to heal and rehab!!!
the part that sucks is that even if we could have gone to court about his "offense" -- we would have had to put ten grand up front with no garuntee & the 18 yr old was/ is protected under rape sheild laws... so basically he was forced to plea this sh*t out...**we strongly suspect she is a survivor even prior to his contact with her & even know she had her uncle arrested on SA in another state prior***
she was drunk (the whole house full of teens were) before he came home drunk & the kids (is 18 an adult or not?) gave him the money & drove him to get more booze --- no one knows who or how she ended up in his bed -- he accepts full responsibility in his wrong wrong wrong choices -- aaaggghhh!!1 I am rambling, but need referrals for some valid stats to provide so i can work on my part...
remember gang i am in no way defending sex offenders -- i just want ALL the issues brought to light!!
are we just a throw away society? NO!! TOO MANY OF US HAVE SURVIVED!! and GO ON TO SURVIVE and DO GOOD WORKS!!
Peace, Wifey1