Mr Don,
I have read your courageous postings about working in massaging. -- I wanted to respond to you to say as a survivor to a survivor -- OOHRAHS!
Why? Not just because you are gaining for yourself, but because your growth is going to impact so many survivors in a positive way.
I have a wonderful physical therapist & massage therapist, who work on me for my physical probs -- I was up front with them that I am a SA survivor, to be careful & always talk to me to help keep me grounded -- in one of my babblings on here i shared the info of learning from my PT that the students do learn that they may trigger "body memories" for some clients.
You're GIFT (in my opinion) is that because you are more sensitive to issues of those who have been harmed is that you will be able to recognize intuitively safe touch for your clients... there in will assist you in your goal to heal others as you heal yourself.
I applaud you for facing your fears and going for the gusto to do good work in this world in spite of your challenges you face.
You're clients will be blessed to have such a terrific massage therapist so in tune to care about them and for them!!!
Thank You for being so strong and doing so much GOOD!
Peace for you ~ Wifey1