Mr Don,
I feel for ya -- can identify all too well -- the xanax & valium plus the two days prior of taking xtra antibiotic heart meds prior only adds to the anxiety of the dentist cramming shit in my mouth -- wish i could sleep thru the whole process.
I have put off getting this tooth fixed that they broke trying to intubate me during my last angioplasty -- i too neglected my dental care for years -- the heart meds have destroyed my teeth as well --- it sucks more than i can say.
I was partially thru yet another root canal when the docs broke the tooth -- a front canine so i look like shit as well as feel like shit from it --
I too am lucky to have a good dentist tho' -- told him I had extreme high anxiety from sexual abuse issues , hubby2 was great by going to the dentist with me & holding my hand thru the whole process -- said he could actually see my heart pounding thru my shirt, but doc stops often and asks how I am doing and lets me take breaks as often as i need ... he is really patient ...
So sending you empathy and understanding and warm thoughts to comfort you thru some of the hardest of times.
I keep trying to tell myself along the way I am worth having a nice healthy smile even tho it was the biggest thing used against me by my perps -- emotionally and physically... I geuss part of making myself go thru the anxiety and bs of dental work is out of pure "i wont let the bastards get me, I DESERVE to feel good about myself!"
So I geuss I just wanted to send you extra good vibes for getting thru what really is a shitty situation.
Peace, Wifey1