No Therapy will help the individual weve tried this Corrections claims is is death of the molester to Warrn Briggs GAry Boyer and Brent Zellers in the case, only their death will stop it in a lifetime dont understand day and age of computers and phones they make calls use your name childs name parents name technical arena wont help nothing they can do . While your gettin therapy talking to some stranger ending the sickos" lives isnt that better. Then get therapy if they dont have you under satellite , in restraints gagged, institutionalized you name it never stop ever from childhood to adulthood all of them threaten the child with prison where be going dont have names I have them cant use them. Want the victims dead so they wont tell. Anyway possible. will humiliate in public with these advancements a phone, 911 calls, HRS abuse number you name it. Might even have satellite downloads on your house before done with you or you child a little boy be dead no hope. I couldnt have a son at all over it. Worlds too perverted. REal bad. No morales and values at all no respect for others families.

Mess people up so badly is the idea have no right to make fun of ridicule little boys all their life want them dead give their parents a hard time too.