Having a son was the most wonderful experience in my life, we were chrisians straight white, get married perversion started.

I have had arguments with adult male pedophiles over my child in the past, they are violent, not touchie feelie and kiss kiss here. Very violent once they get fixated on your son, I had no idea anyone out there my son my child he did continue to stalk my child down like an animal I had no idea what he wanted. He argued with the neighbors over their child a boy too. Next door playing in the front yard. Serious arguments in Massachusetts. It is not necessary to beat, punch, hit the parents in their front yard attempting to pull their child away from one of them Warren Briggs black male real pervert . These sex offenders go to meetings together. Meet each other there, all hang out sometimes they gang up on the community.

My child threatened suicide not necessary for the child to have bruises tears, prolactica at age 4 years old or younger the offender got into arguments violent arguments with the parents in their front yard they want your boys have no idea who they are names where they are from until years later too late.. Betcha women in the family perpetrated it got to be someone like a grannie talks dirty to the child about the child this to happen.

I had bruises all over me sexually, argueing with them they dont understand care less want one thing it is violent about it never stop ever stop threatena 4 year old with prison each time they injure the child sexually beat the entire family never get rid of them. THey do prey and stalk children will kill more than the parents to get the child all insane. Also demand a 4 year old is a child molester not funny dead serious aboutit all not a joke in society the child is the mother is for having the child.

Boys who were never ever have children these grown men dont know age 4 from age 35 at all. Horrible for a mom to have to continue to get into an argument with one call cops want to know stupid stuff like do you know them must know them. One of them scoured an entire neighborhood in Lowell, MA. in 1987 for boys little boys all of them. HOw does it feel to be 5 years old exhibited as a homosexual little child molester all goes on . Warren Briggs and Brent Zellers and the adults in my family their behavior with my child and his fathers . Not having lovie dovie kisses with little boys at all cant go to the bathroom vomiting throwing up bleeding, gross. No one will do anything parents have to get into arguments with them over it. on their own property. They scour neighborhoods like animals sex predators kill parents attempt to despicable. So are all the adults around my child in my family no better assisted of no help at all the women in families if aint their child stupid not protect the little boys keep them at home at home school is recommended they stalk them there too.

My son threatened suicide not it they wanted him to.