Hi, back again, The navy school I went to was about nine months long, I had to sign up for another four years to get it. We had christmas break, so I flew to the (wife to be), she and me drove my car back, and I put her up in a motel for two weeks, then she flew back.
Now that I had my car, me and some of the guys would go out to the clubs, that male bonding thing, but also the guys were tired of only seeing guys in the navy club on base. Now virginia beach, norfolk, and little creek are all military towns in VA, due to this there are a lot more guys than girls. I think that is why there are so many strip clubs in military towns. On a side note virginia beach had recently outlawed strip clubs, they thought the clubs would all go out of business when the guys could not see naked women, surprise the guys still came, the girls still danced and talked to the guys, the clubs still made money. The only thing that changed was that the girls kept their clothes on.
After graduating from school, I went on to my sub in charleston S.C. as my crew was going to take over the sub in two weeks, I made the decision that the (wife to be) should stay in San diego for the next three months while I was under the water.

Ok, here is where you can get out your baseball bats, and give me a whack if you want. I was staying in the barracks, but there weren't any of the guys there, so I went out to the strip clubs, the clubs are a lot wilder there. The girls can touch, there are lap dances, and back rooms. Before I knew what was up I was in a back room trying to make out with this girl. No there was no sex, but there was fondling. The next night I went back, I didn't drink as much this time, but did find out that she was a single mom with a little girl. Supposedly she had to move out of where she was staying, but did not have the money to move, she was afraid that she would lose her child to the state. So gullible me, I put up the money for first and last month rent on a apartment, bought some cheap furniture for the place. But the worst thing I did was leave my car there with no insurance. I saw no need for insurance as no one was going to be driving the car for three months.
Sometime after my sub went under the water, she crashed my car. The car was a cheap car, so I let the storage garage keep it. But the expired insurance policy had my (wife to be) address on it, so she got all the calls asking who was going to pay. So when my sub came in port, and I called her she gave me a earful to say the least.
Well I was feeling real guilty, so I flew to San Diego, explained everything to her, asked her forgiveness, asked if she still wanted to be with me. She said yes to both, so we packed her up and moved to Charleston S.C.. I think if I could have seen the future, I should have admitted defeat, and ended the relationship right there.

End part two

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"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend." - Albert Camus
Pretty much my life as I have posted so far. Triggers!