I had some questions regarding my earlier post.

Have any of you been through something like this? If so how long did it take you to feel strong again?

I try to support my husband the best I can, it is just so hard to see what it has done to him. He has never been a weak man, I do not think he is now either, but this has just been so unreal. I never thought anything could make him afraid. He was always so out there, so friendly and self confident.He has lost all of that,it is just so sad.

Did therapy help you?
Did you ever regain your trust in people?
Did you ever start to feel normal, like yourself?

I just want this to go away and get better. So does my husband, and we have days that are good. I just never knew you could have such struggles inside and I did not have the perfect childhood either. This is just in itself in it's own catagory of pain and disbelief.

Any males who have been through an assault, I would welcome your advice,and if you had a wife or partner at the time how did they deal with it or help you?
Same with anyone else who has been through this with a loved one, I would like to hear what helped you get through, to get better or at least get to the point where you felt "ok"

Thanks, Ann