I'm sorry that any of us have to be triggered by the words "friends" and "family," sadly I know that many of us are.

I do understand and appreciate how difficult it must be for some folks here to read about us caring for and trying to support the survivors in our lives, in a way that they were never supported, and how difficult it must be for others to hear us share our troubles in ways that hit close to home for them.

I came here looking for help and solace during what was a very dark time for me and my boyfriend, without the support and information I found here, I'm sure that time would have been longer and darker. I still come here because I hope we can make it easier for every survivor and secondary survivor to find the knowledge and comfort they need to heal.

The men here mean a great deal to me; they are a source of hope, kindness and understanding. I am astounded every time I see someone here reach through their own painful memory to offer someone else a hand. It is incredible to me that I could mean that to someone too.

I wish us all the best in our healing