Hi! I'm Christina from California. My parents were both victims of ritualistic sexual abuse, and I was recently violated by my therapist, so I know a lot about abuse.
I know that eating disorders are one of the symptoms arising from sexual abuse. You see, I have this friend who says that he won't eat because he's afraid that everything he eats will burn his throat or cut it. Is that a result of being coerced into oral sex?
My friend is not aware of the abuse yet. He doesn't understand about where all these phobias he has are coming from. What can I do to help him? He's in so much pain...I feel so helpless. I know that I can't suggest that maybe he's been sexually abused because he has to arrive at that by himself, but my God! I wish that I could relieve his pain somehow. What can I do besides be supportive?

Thanks so much,