Guess I am the cheeky little rascal, I always was that! \:\)
Hey, at least the french stick up for themselves, hey, thats so cool.

Remember freedom fries???

I think you call them frits!

I went through paris one day, and totally lost the autoroute, so I thought, if my map is right, and this road is straight as it looks, I am OK to find the roads to the south.

I wrote down all the villages that I may go through, and hey, they all fell into place, so I got back on track, no retour for me.

I love the way I see the french ppl hugging their work friends, but it gave me a shudder, but then I thought, this is what we really miss in life, the basic ability to hug and care about those we work with.

I loved being in france, but unfortunately I was working.
I had a real bad french teacher at school, I learned more just being with french ppl.

I guess it is hard to understand the male/female meaning of words, just as some german language dictates, but I suppose english is harder still,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!