He did call her that night, told her he was married, she didn't know. He didn't tell her cause he thought she may get mad and contact me. He told her she was nothing, that he was drunk everytime and she took advantage of that. He made her think "he used her" part because that is what he wanted me to think at first the other .. . he didn't want her to know she got to him!! I called too, I mean at first he was feeding me crap!

She lied and I knew cause she was dumb enough to tell on herself. Like she said, "I wondered why he never called when he came home?" "I just needed closure cause he never contacted me after he left". She said, "We did a lot more than just the 2 times, we were at the bar together a lot." But then the ever nagging, "I thought I loved him, he rocked my world .." I guess she couldn't allow herself to look so stupid, it was 4 years later and he never even kissed her, she knew finally that he wasn't even a little interested and she probably did think "he" used her???

crazy story, once in a life time I guess . . I never heard such or thought it was possible. Crazy though, I didn't expect anything less from my husband. I wouldn't ever agree that it was his doings!! That is why after 2 months I still had questions, it made no sence and then again . . I believed in us ... always will!!!!!!!!!