Thought this maybe of interest for those that use this forum.

It has just come to my notice that partners of survivors of male childhood sexual abuse can apply for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority. Claims can be made for the mental trauma the partners of abuse can go through when their partner discloses either to their wife, partners, police etc.

This apparently came into being last year and I have just got off the phone from the CICA to confrim that this is correct.

My wife went through absoloute hell after I disclosed as I was still drinking and using, my anger was very near the surface, she was living with a time bomb basically one that tried to kill himself twice after the disclosure, then we had the investigation and the trials which were for her a nightmare.

Ok the compensation may not be much but those of us on state benefits really need help with bills etc. However it is recognition by the state that a crime has been committed and it is not necessary to secure a conviction.

Here is the CICA website url and their freephone telephone number:


Freephone - 0800 358 3601

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