As you may know MaleSurvivor has begun planning our next international conference, a unique opportunity to share knowledge and explore feelings among survivors, therapists who provide treatment services to survivors, therapist-survivors, partners/spouses of survivors, and research scientists who are studying the incidence and effects of male sexual abuse.

The conference was originally scheduled for next Fall, in November 2006. As it turns out the logistics required to accomplish this complex undertaking, has made that deadline date unfeasible.

The Board of Directors has just held two conference call meetings and we have re-sturctured the conference planning process. We are engaging a professional conference planning organization, which will handle the logistical needsócontracting with a conference site, establishing group rates for hotel accommodations, developing promotional materials, arranging for discount travel.

The conference committee, originally chaired by Ken Singer, has been re-constituted now that Ken's term on the Board of Directors has expired. Ken has actively and very admirably served MaleSurvivor for many years, and he will continue to work with us.

We on the Board of Directors are working very hard now to finalize the conference. A new date is being negotiated right now, and the likely date will be in the Spring of 2007. This gives us more than a year to develop the kind of program that has made our previous conferences so tremendously successful and so meaningful.

Of course we invite and hereby solicit the participation of survivors in this planning process. This is, after all, your conference. It is a chance for you to inject your ideas, to introduce your thoughts and wishes into the conference, to suggest workshops or even offer to chair one, and to tell us who you might like to have address the conferenceócelebrity survivors, heroes of the effort to eliminate male sexual abuse, recognized public allies. Please join us in this very essential and very momentous effort.

Murray Schane