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#60005 - 02/03/06 01:38 AM Reporting Abuse2 thank you roadrunner
BlueBoys_Mama Offline
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there were so many post in that forum that i figured I would start it up again

heres my contibution

I grew up in a small town that was very out of the way it seemed to become a haven for convicted child molesters tho there we're at least three living in a town of a few hundred people . the population was mostly children due to everyone having big familys

I had been molested when my family lived in the city thats why we moved to a small " safer town"
by the time i hit middle school i was on a crusade to stop sexual abuse in town but i soon relized that no one was listening here are some examples

1. when I was in grade 5 we had a male teacher who made sexual comments on how girls were developing he would walk around class with an erection ....I reported it to the principal. the teacher dident come back the next year he was quitely let go but only transfured to a new town

2. in grad 8 we had a music teacher who got very touchy with all the kids, this seemed odd at first but we just thought maybe he was "friendly" then he got me alone one day in class everyone went to the library but he kept me behind to correct my work. there was nothing wrong with my work i kept looking it over trying to figure out what i had done wrong then he came up behind me and put his hands on my breasts ..I turned around a screamed at him shoved my chair at him and when he tried to put his hands on me again a swore at him and scratched his hands with my nails. I went to told the school guiance conceller about it who went and talked to the new principal. he was even brought in to the office and had to show them the marks i'de left on him " to me proof of what had happend" but to no vail my new principal said it was my word against his.. so i went and asked all my classmates if he's done this to them
i got yeses from boys and girls. we reported and still nothing they suggested maybe we just dident like him and that it was bad to lie. so I started a system no one was ever left alone we all stuck in pairs. once one of the boys was kept behind in class and when the music teacher dident want anyone to stay with him me and two other girls out right refused to go. we knew he had already hurt this boy and we wouldent let him do it again ..i told him this .. a few weeks later the music teacher left for another school.

3. at the start of grade 9 i started home schooling. I went to drop of my little brothers ( grade 2 at the time)lunch one day and i found one of the convicted child molesters watching the kids in the playgound touching him self i threw a rock at him and started screaming Fire! just like my mom taught me when i was little but there were no adults around. after that i went into the school grades K to 4....and talked to a teacher I had had when i was little and the principal at that school No one would listen again i was by then know as a whistle blower and people questioned what i had to say. maybe i had just mistook what I saw. at the time both my parents worked out of town during the day I told my mom and she passed the word around town that this man was up to bad things and to watch him. parents did for a while but i was the only one that stayed on it i walked my brother to school every day and went down there of lunch hour then walked him home.

we moved again, my brother got big enough to protect himself ( by the time he was 12 he was about my dads size)
this wasent really all that long ago, shortly after i move a boy from my grade killed himself because he had been molested by a teacher ( i beleave it was the music teacher) my name came up when it was disscoved that what had happend to him had been reported to teachers and the principal. I heard my old highschool principal got fired and so did the elementry school principal to be replaced with teachers from the city that were more upto date on how to deal with these things. I hope things are better there now
I havent been able to get back there yet


#60006 - 02/03/06 01:57 AM Re: Reporting Abuse2 thank you roadrunner
Andrew Offline
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Wow. I'm not surprised by the apathy of school officials. Sorry you've had such bad experiences. Peace, Andrew

there is no courage without anxiety


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