Hi guize,
I vaguely remember posting something recently about how I "wished" hubby would post a love note or just a "note" recognizing me.

This is his weekend he is booked solid on outside projects. So, am having to fill my "down time" with other stuff.

so tonight he came home a little early, even remembered to call & ask if I needed anything at the store on the way home.

As he sat & helped me fix my puter probs he said "I really missed you today" -- I was a bit more than taken aback? - I said what do you mean are you having a hard day with the SA stuff?

No, he answered... "I just missed YOU" ....

so perhaps I didnt get it in a post it note, but I got it in his voice, his words, and being able to see his face as he spoke his heart....

It came out so "natural" an not pre - thought, it wasn't attached to underlying thots of worry of my health -- It was so "loving" ---

And then why am I crying? A bit painful I must admit, but joyful too...

He is growing and changing and I get to be a part of this. Amazing to be here and be a part of not just the "shitty days", but of these tiny little seemingly small changes that are HUGE!

He "missed ME" and I feel valued and that I matter ---

Peace, Sammy