I thank you ALL for your well thought out responses. It's so very heartwarming to find such good people here, people who mean well, who do good, who are all in some form of pain because of what someone else heaped upon us, who are all growing together, learning from eachother. Funny how such a horrible thing can bring so many people together in such a positive way. And funny how we all have become so sensitive to others, also because of the pain. It almost restores my faith in humankind. Thank you for that too.

I think my wife has been doing a good job of listening to my pain and that has been very helpful. I can see, from the male perspective here, as well as the women's perspective, that now I can help my wife to help me. If she's been good at listening to the pain, she will certainly be good at hearing me tell her what I need and what I don't, when I figure all that out I will try to tell her.

I sincerely hope that all of you here can find peace in your hearts and homes this Holiday season. You've helped to make my Holiday brighter already.