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posted July 03, 2005 09:20 AM
Hello, Jasper...

I am brand new here and I'm female so I don't really know if I am allowed to respond in this forum, but there is a place to write a message, so I'm going to give it a go and see what happens.

As I have read your post I have followed your thoughts and what came to me is that you had a sudden flash of insight and, with it, new data to add to the old so there is new understanding of something which has been an old question. It has been my experience that when I finally truly understand something, whether it's a good or bad realization, it brings tremendous relief to me because the nagging mystery goes away and the feelings of helplessness with it. With the new understanding, I gain a feeling that I now control it and it no longer controls me, so I can then use that control to finally put it into perspective in my life and then just let go of it and move on to the next question which needs answering. It makes me feel that I am making progress in putting all my pieces together in the grand puzzle which is my life and I own more of me than I did before.. and that does feel wonderful, kind of like a "miracle" to me.

Does that make any sense?

Thank you so much for posting this in public. I want so much to learn and share, but I have no access to the private forums. I hope that I have not said anything here that is stepping over bounds and that if I have, the moderators will delete this post.

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