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#527153 - 09/18/18 04:07 PM Re: Catch 22 [Re: SDD757]
Ceremony Offline

Registered: 09/14/16
Posts: 2967
Loc: Minnesota
I too haven't reconciled SDD757. I cling to the cloak of the carpenter. I hope to touch it...

Well, metaphorically speaking.

Belief is a tenuous process for me. I've stuffed it. I only let a small part into my existence and those are strictly loving, and caring about others. I can't deal with the rest.

#529615 - 12/01/18 05:00 AM Re: Catch 22 [Re: SDD757]
Alonso Offline

Registered: 08/31/16
Posts: 66
Loc: Spain

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My story

#529630 - 12/02/18 07:20 AM Re: Catch 22 [Re: Alonso]
SDD757 Offline

Registered: 10/08/17
Posts: 320
Loc: Chesapeake, VA
I was able to read your reply in my email. I don’t think it said anything offensive. But anyway, you are correct. The OT shows a god full of anger and wrath. Then there is Jesus who says that when you see me you see God. Then you have the rest of the NT; where god kills Anninias and Sephira; Paul claims his wrath is upon all (especially sexual minorities) in Romans and a God that pours out wrath on the world in revelations.

#529647 - 12/02/18 10:08 PM Re: Catch 22 [Re: SDD757]
Ceremony Offline

Registered: 09/14/16
Posts: 2967
Loc: Minnesota
The first time I read "Footprints in the Sand" must have been when I was near 20. It made some sense to me in my early adulthood. When the cynicism of the world showed, and my tiny part in it, sometimes I recalled the day I stood on a boulder, and shook my fist to the horizon. That was within months of my 17th birthday. The decade of my young adulthood had a window in it, where I finally learned the one connection to this world I had faith in.

In the succeeding decades, that faith has been sorely tested, and it's still there. It's tarnished, but it's there. I recall how it felt to read about washing feet, and those present being exhorted to do likewise. How that meant to lift up those whom I could, and hope it may be that some other will for me.

I recall how his feet were washed, and dried by her hair. Those who scoffed, judging her unworthy; not so, she was imminently worthy. There are many things I learned that were in my sense of humanity, and they resonated to what I wanted for my life. Care for others, and if it were to be, maybe at some time, some other might be caring for me.

It's not the storing up of works, there's no expectation. The word "might" dispels expectation. Do unto others as best can be. Perhaps, and when need might arise, maybe some are like me.

I know I'm just repeating myself, and what I thought to convey in this post, is that I'll care. That tarnished faith has let me see others, to see from their eyes, and feel what they feel. I admit it's not easy, and I pause to manage it while I do so. There are days, I'm unable to do what my heart wants. Then, some days, I'm able.

When I know the distraction of myriad teachings intermingle to cloud the message of love, my sense of duty is to re-engage the idea that it's about love. There are many abstract distractions, and interpretations to go along with them. When I found the message that fit, to convey caring and love, that was enough. My cup was full, and the rest I considered... and left what didn't fit.

When I'm told to do something, and it's steering me away from caring and love, then I question it. My answer will be simple. Do I still get to care, and do I still get to love. When the answer aligns, my ears are with that message, and if not, I will become less connected. I'm being somewhat vague in order to let some ideas be filled in with whomever's experiences might resonate somewhat with my post. Then, maybe some other senses the hope to do unto others, as we hope will be done to us?

#529696 - 12/03/18 11:39 PM Re: Catch 22 [Re: SDD757]
manipulated Offline

Registered: 09/25/14
Posts: 815
Loc: Great Lakes Wine Country
Omnipotent = he could have stopped the perp

Omnipresent = he watched?

Omniscient = He knew before and during

Loving? of what perversion?

Caring? to get the perp jollies?

the "god" of the bible is either fiction or fraud.

either created and walked away or watches like a pervert suggesting the next victim or abuse - certainly not preventing any of it

I do believe dust to dust. and that is all.
.Be who you are and say what you feel
...............Because those who mind don't matter
............And those who matter don't mind.
.......................-- Dr. Seuss

#529744 - 12/06/18 02:55 PM Re: Catch 22 [Re: SDD757]
WG Offline

Registered: 09/09/15
Posts: 504
Loc: WA
I don't have all the answers and haven't claimed to at any certain time in my life. Yes, I question. Yes, I wonder. Yes, I second guess. While we're here on this earth life gets messy. Emotions get sticky and life hurts. We hurt. As a human I can't pretend to understand God. I have some pretty good ideas as they are revealed to me in the Bible, but to fully understand? No. I will one day when I'm face to face with Him, but then what I wonder won't matter any longer.
Yes, I've had my sorrows, hurt and shame. Of course there's the reason I'm here at this site, then my infant son dying, my Dad suddenly dying before he it the floor and my Mom with a lingering illness then death. Car accidents, my wife having a stroke then open heart surgery and everything else that happens to people this side of heaven. Life isn't fair - don't we in here know that all too well?
There's room in here for all of us. No matter what we believe.

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