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#528575 - 10/31/18 01:08 AM the day after
Tom E. Offline

Registered: 01/08/17
Posts: 641
Loc: FL
How I felt the day after what I know now was a sexual assault against my person by a man who I had gone to for help at a gay community center counseling service. He had invited me to his home. I met his roommates. We sat around talking. He gave me strong alcoholic drink after drink after drink ... I got so drunk I couldn't stand or walk. He brought me to his bedroom to "sleep it off"(?).. He sodomized me, I passed out. I woke up, he wasn't there. He left me a note .. something like "help yourself to food in 'fridge" or whatever. I was so hungover, sick. I took a shower just standing there under the water.. feeling dirty ..I was sore "back there".. feeling used..betrayed .. forever changed 'cause he was "my first"..thinking: well, now you've really gone & done it Tom, I hope you're proud of yourself. I blamed myself for allowing it to happen. I was 19 y.o. ..naive.. from a small town.. he was around 32 I think. This happened in a city in the '70's .. The really sick thing was I kept going back to him for about six months, allowing the same thing to happen over & over in this twisted "relationship".. not realizing that this was actually abusive, till much later in life. I realize I've written about this before. It's affected me more deeply than the other abusive events I guess. I don't know. I guess I just gotta keep talking it out once in a while. I wonder what ever became of him? His name was Dale. Why do I even care?

#528657 - 11/02/18 06:37 PM Re: the day after [Re: Tom E.]
Ceremony Offline

Registered: 09/14/16
Posts: 2967
Loc: Minnesota
Hi Tom E. I can imagine this was hard to type. When I work on what specifically happened, it ties my gut into a knot. I can do it, but then I need some distractions. I hope you're doing Ok?

The cptsd from that kind of thing is not easy to deal with, there are so many things to it. Then so many ways to work on those things. I write a lot about what those methods and my understanding of them. It's helped me keep it sorted out. I have a horrible memory for detail, and so many things I've typed about the therapy and what I'm doing get mixed up in thinking. I can reference stuff now.

My guess about the small town thing is that there were just that many people, and sometimes it may be that a whole grade is known? I don't know because I don't know any from any grade, I am just thinking out loud... If you describe what the idea of thinking about "Dale" might mean, and maybe you need to do that in private, or not... I encourage you to explore your thinking? If you've a therapist, sometimes the description you work out can help sort it out? There's a lot of confusion in me, so I imagine that common?

Best wishes Tom

#528728 - 11/04/18 11:57 PM Re: the day after [Re: Tom E.]
JamesM Offline

Registered: 01/30/18
Posts: 163
Loc: UK
I would rather I had not experienced the intimate sex my father taught me over several years. It required that I participate in order to get him aroused and I got past my fear by the time I was 9. In the morning I would feel used by and resentful of him, but soon suppressed the memory. As I got older I realized that I suppressed a lot of my memories until I was 15 when the abuse stopped. I continued using the same psychological mechanisms to protect myself as an adult. I only realized that I had been abused when I was over 30 and I started thinking back over my childhood. Until then I used to avoid thinking about my past and pretended that nothing bad had happened to me. My strongest memories are of being raped regularly by a teenager and once by him and his friends. I was over 30 before I was able to recall some of my abuse. I have talked about this with my partner; she wants to understand and helps me by listening. She looks on it as an experience that I should be able to talk about if I want to.

Best wishes, James.

#529583 - 11/30/18 03:03 PM Re: the day after [Re: Tom E.]
Sterling Offline

Registered: 10/25/08
Posts: 2197
Loc: Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada
sorry tom.


#529594 - 11/30/18 05:15 PM Re: the day after [Re: Tom E.]
Chase Eric Offline

Registered: 10/25/10
Posts: 3256

You could have written a chapter in my life. Perhaps that lends some credibility to the words I share. And they are not easy ones for me to write. I don't have answers for you, but maybe you might be a little heartened to see that you are not alone with the day after...

I was a Great Lakes boy new to Los Angeles and to big cities. I swallowed some courage and finally dared to step into a gay bar for the first time in my life when I lived in Glendale. The bartender and I were similar ages to your situation. And like you, he got me drunk. He could see I was terrified (I think I was actually shaking) and poured my second drink on the house. Then another free one. But they weren't free. I paid for them after last call, when he locked the door to allow me that "special privilege" of finishing my last drink with him after hours.

It happened on the pool table. I was crying. He didn't care. He didn't stop. When I got back to my apartment, I stood under the shower just like you. For maybe an hour. Washing it all down the drain - my blood, his semen, the decision to never look at it again that I abided by for so many years since. Like you I blamed myself completely. I was in a gay bar, after all, so I "asked" for it. Maybe I was a young tease, so I deserved it. Maybe I owed him this because he was so generous and nice to me with those drinks. Maybe I owed him acquiescence even if I didn't think he'd make me return the favor. Maybe I was a brat about it when I told him I wasn't ready, so I deserved the anger. Maybe I was doing it all wrong, so I deserved the forced positioning. Maybe because - even though he was bigger and stronger - I didn't fight back physically, I deserved it even more. Or maybe because he and I both interpreted my reaction as consent, I was somehow complicit and lacked the integrity to admit even that.

All those lies I told myself I imagine are be similar to the lies many rape victims tell themselves - men and women both. I won't say it's worse for men because situations as terrible as these are simply not amenable to comparison. But being a "guy" - hey, this wasn't supposed to happen to me. I never expected any of it when I walked into the bar that day. So I made it my fault, and then I wasn't a victim any more. Easy peasy, right? Until I faced what I wrote here (most of it in therapy) - and see a different truth stare me right in the face - a truth I did not see for years because that's how badly I did not want to see it. This is the first time I believe I am sharing this experience at this level. But these are real issues and when they are not talked about, we just replace them with myths. And the truth that we don't face haunts us forever. I'm no expert in this stuff, but this is what my journey through something very similar to what you went through taught me. So I'm sharing it here and at this level.

I moved very shortly after that from Glendale to North Hollywood and never went back to that bar again. But I managed to find other people to abuse me anyways - although I was never violently raped again like that. I was gently used and abused, sort of on my own terms. I knew it. My partners knew it. We agreed. And it just happened.

Originally Posted By Tom E.
It's affected me more deeply than the other abusive events I guess. I don't know. I guess I just gotta keep talking it out once in a while. I wonder what ever became of him? His name was Dale. Why do I even care?

My adult victimization affected me perhaps just as deeply as the more constant CSA, but - like you - I think that's because I internalized it. I blamed myself. As far as wondering about Dale, I think that is normal. You went back to him. Maybe it says something about your spirit that you may not be able to fully disconnect sex from more human connection. I'm not saying that was a healthy or welcome connection, of course. And I cannot speak for your situation - I can only speak from my own experience. I know some people are capable of distilling sex from the deeper humanity of the act (certainly rapists). I question my ability to do so. I developed feelings for my child sex abuser that I didn't even realize at the time, and look back now wondering if it was ever possible for me not to form a connection through the grooming and intimacy. At the time I despised him and even hated him. Or I thought I did. I certainly had some pretty powerful and confusing emotions about what he was doing. When I looked back over the years and started seeing the lies, I also started seeing some truths about myself that were even harder to look at. That maybe there was a razor-thin line between the hate I could see and other feelings I did not want to see. At first I thought I was disgusting. I hated what he was doing to me and - even more - what he was doing to my sister. But I sometimes wonder if it also says something salvageable about my spirit - that I can still make the connection between sex and love despite it all. We were like we were plucked violets from a forbidden garden. Even if the person who plucked us should not have - and even if he started a slow death by doing so - the fated violet is still fragrant and beautiful. It's still a violet doing everything a violet does. We are who we are. That doesn't change. And it doesn't lessen the crime against us that we still kept being who we were. Don't be angry with yourself that maybe you were someone, despite yourself, that he never deserved.

The guy who took me when I was 20 was different. That happened only once, and it was pretty quick and pretty brutal. Any chance I may have felt anything for him washed down the drain with that first shower. And for years I just I never looked back.


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