Progress is defined as, "forward or onward movement toward a destination".
Though that only accounts for the physical movement of a person or object towards another place or thing. Like walking down a road.
When we use this word in the context of Healing, it has another meaning. In healing, we can not (or should not) expect to be better every day.
Please consider the following

When we regard healing as 'moving' from one condition to (and often only accepting our own self-perceived definitions or those drawn from the ignorance of others) another 'improvement' condition, towards a goal, we set ourselves up for a disappointment that is both unfair, and not even human.

This kind expectation exists no-where else in the Human condition.

"Practice makes Perfect", "To err is Human", "Try, try again", "Get back on the Horse", 'The Little Engine that could' are just a few example of how we teach that human growth/healing/skills building are Not in a straight line.
If we could draw the line it would look like the stock exchange.
And that there are many times along that line, where it looks like utter and complete failure.
Why do we focus on the 'falls' and disregard the 'lifts'?
Why can we not see every 'lift' as a victory that it is?
Do not try to answer those, instead, read on.

Though there is one element missing in that zig-zag line.
The straight, flat, horizontal line that is as much progress as any 'lift'.
Status quo IS progress, IS growth, IS healing, IS a win.
And those 'falls', what are they really??
They are opportunities. They are the "We learn better from our mistakes" events that challenge us.
It is that challenge that we use to overcome, learn, try something different, adapt to, concentrate on, stop and think about, pause, meditate, consider, wonder about, take note of, etc times 10,000 more...

There is only one event, that is not progress, and that is Suicide.
Everything else IS Progress. Every thing, action, pause, stop, regression, fall. Even actions that hurt ourselves are an opportunity to stop hurting, change, do better.

Falls, regression, relapse is all part of the expectation that is not just expected, but essential to Progress.

Every moment of existence IS progress.
Every moment of existence IS progress.
Every moment of existence IS progress.
Every moment of existence IS progress.
Every moment of existence IS progress.

So, what does this mean for me?
To me, it means I need to (should be) be okay with where I'm at.
And I likely need to work on forgiveness. I believe Forgiveness is a process, not a single event or something one achieves. It isn't a destination. It's a process and can take the same lifts and falls and plateaus as any other part of my lives.

So it brings me back to...

I'm okay with where I am at in my own progress.
"okay" does mean I'm free of pain. It means I can manage.



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