I don't think I've come back down yet but this was such an exciting event for me as I waited for 5 years to see him for the first time. I could have listened to him for many more hours even though it was very late at night when he got done. Anyway, I will include what I posted on his message board about the concert and I think you will get a sense of what it meant to me. If you have a chance to see him, please don't hesitate to go. It will be worth your time and money as his music speaks to a very deep place within us.

I'm still floating on cloud nine right now or somewhere. It was such an awesome event, such a cultural and universal event. It was uplifting, soothing, relaxing and so out of this world.

For me this is my first time ever seeing Yanni live and I can't wait until I can see him again. It was well worth the money for the tickets I bought and I would do it all over again.

Through most of the concert, I was either crying (yes I'm an emotional guy - always have been) or dancing with the music. I don't think I sat still at all during the entire thing. Everyone around me was moving and bouncing to the music as well. The tears were the connections I made with Yanni, his band and the music. They are unexplainable to me, but his music touches me so deeply and allows so much within myself to find its voice.

I experienced a lot of pain in my life and one song in particular "If I could tell you; he explained a similar circumstance that brought him to create this song. And when I heard him perform that song, it was as if I was feeling the same thing he felt. It was a very powerful point in the concert for me.. very powerful.

A couple of songs that he did and explained, now hold a much more clear and precious meaning to me. They became more alive after he introduced them. Specifically "The Promise" and "Niki Nana".

And I loved the one point where he got the crowd involved... the whole place was shaking and dancing and clapping... oh my, what a moving point.

I do like the part where he shared that he lives here but with a grin and a smirk on his face he says "I'm not going to tell you where"... everyone laughed at that but it made him special and even though I don't exactly know where he lives, I'm glad he is one of my neighbors... makes for good energy in the area.

No one wanted him to leave at the end but he had to because they had the Orlando show tonight. I could have stayed there for more than the three hours he performed... I could have listened to him for the entire night.

Lately I have been very stressed because I am full time in a program to become a licensed massage therapist and I work full time. So I burn the candle pretty hard and by the time I got to yesterday, I was exhausted. I just had a major final exam in my Kinesiology class and even though I have a massage scheduled for Monday, Yanni gave me a massage last night. yes a musical massage. He really took a lot of stress out of me.

I cried when it was over because I felt such a connection with him and everyone in the band. The band was more than fantastic... I didn't want to see him leave... it felt like someone you had known all your life, and then you had to say good bye... but the message of the music and the gift of his music are what I will carry with me..

And I can't wait until I get my license to do massage therapy... because people are going to get a "yanni music massage". All of my classmates know that if the music is right, I automatically flow to the music as I am doing the massage.... just think of what Yanni's music would allow me to do...

But to Yanni, to the band and to everyone there... thank you for a night that I will never forget. And may the energy that was exhibited in the Office Depot Center send positive waves to the entire area of peace, hope and inspiration!

To Yanni, thank you for giving of yourself to the universe and for following your heart. Thank you for sharing such a very deep part of your life. My heart and soul sings with your heart and soul. And yanni, like my thought at the concert went "thank you for inspiring me to continue with the music that is deep inside of me.

In order to journey to new worlds, we must first be willing to lose site of the shore.

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