Posted this in the male survivors section but thought the other gender should know as it's a coed group or rather all women and me smile at this point . . You don't have to be a survivor of sexual abuse to go. At this point more informal group than for example a 12 step group or a therapy group . For me it was good to see other people going through thus and I am not the only person on the planet . Come check it out if you want. It's free and the library is nice with free parking .

Hi All ,

I finally found a new group that accepts men in Bellevue (outside Seattle ) It's just a meetup ( Free ! ) but is moderated and I am the only guy . I had been in contact with the group leader and I guess she liked my idea of having a common book to lead a discussion around . It meet in Bellevue yesterday evening (27th ) It was less about telling ones story and more about where does one go from here . . . We are reading ' love is letting go fear ' right now which combines a lot of ideas I have had in the past about peak experiences, and just being . . Anyway , the value of the group for me is finally meeting someone in person who knows what it's like ... I always had this funny feeling I made it all up , or am just nuts , but came out thinking I am okay .. Actually further down the road than I thought . . . No aminosity towards me for being male at all . I was worried I might trigger someone just by being there . . I actually think the coed thing might be beneficial for both genders as I think it creates a certain balance . . It would be nice to have another guy there, however , as feel a bit outnumbered smile. It's called survivors and thrivers and lead by a woman survivor named Susan Jacobi . She is not a therapist but does speak on the radio , is likable , and is open to suggestions . Feel free to pm for more info but that's about it . I think the next meeting is on May 25 th at Bellevue public library from 5:30 to 7:00 . You can download a Meetup app to keep track of it .
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