I've been interested in starting a Mens CSA peer to peer support group in the area (which has nothing of the like) for a while now. This is the Sussex CO NJ, Pike Co PA & Orange CO NY area. There would be no fees as no doctor would be involved. Nothing as regimented as a 12 step thing, just a free flowing discussion of what we've been thru, how it's effecting us now, how we are coping / healing. It could just be a place to be around other guys like ourselves. We could focus on what it means to be a real man, how we feel about our own masculinity, sexuality, how it's been effected by the CSA done to us. I know a lot of us have a hard time relating to other guys in the real world due to our past issues, so meeting other survivors face to face can help us break down some of the old barriers.

Years ago I belonged to a mixed group (m & f) peer to peer support group for people who had childhood issues, most had dealt with csa. I know the group helped me & the others. It's not too hard to get it going, other than taking the first step, so here goes...

I would only stress that to join or meet that you have to be stable, not a danger to yourself or others & be sober.

We could meet at a public place (free room) like a library or a church.

If anyone is in the area and is interested in starting or joining a group, let me know. Send me a PM or write back here, I might not get back asap, as I don't check here everyday, so don't take that as I lost interest.