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My name is Brian, and I'm 42 married with a 15 month old daughter. I was abused by my fathers best friend at the age of 6. He would have his daughter who was 8 or 9 have intercourse with me, while he watched from the closet. I blocked him out as a child but since I've been in therapy I've come to remember a lot more. I remember the first time, when my brain snapped, and he had this worried look on his face thru his ski mask. They were like family to me, and I called him Uncle, and her cousin. I came out with my story after I bought my childhood home, right across the street from him, and 3 down from her. I saw his other daughter who lives up the street as well. The first two weeks I never saw her daughter, his grand daughter, but when I did she set off so much emotion in me. I knew from her body language right away he or she got to her. I've know that when her parents got divorced they moved in with that dark man.
Story I heard about how he broke her arm trying to put her on the school bus, and she had tried to end her life. After 2 weeks of seeing her I came out to tell me story to help this poor girl. I started therapy and called Child Line from therapy and asked that my town and the DA not be involved with this case cause of conflicts of interest. Two months later they called me in, and I spill my dark past to help this child. The police never called me back. My sister who confronted the girl attacker, denied and said how you gonna prove it. My sister works as probation officer for 20 years. They called her into CID and were going to arrest her for abuse of power?
The attackers were never even questioned. I had to call the county back to see where the investigation was at. I was told from the detective that her her hands were tied, and she was the only one who left the room unhappy. I was abused by the daughter from 6 til I was 21 years old. The could of charged her when she was 18, and I was still a minor, but they dismissed it as consensual. I asked who was in the meeting and it was the ADA and the DA, the same one I wanted to have nothing to do with investigating this case. I should also mention that he is on the School Board, and she is the head of the PTA of the local grade school. The scum bag has not worked since he was 40, cause he got money from his drunk wife's dead relatives. So this DA knows the kids are in danger but her looks the other way. In the spring there was an election so I went to vote, with the predator working the pole. I had to let him know I remember his part in my abuse. I walked up with people around and smiled and said I know you, then walked close to him, lost the smile, and said I know who you are. Good right, a little justice for my inner child. Well not for long, local police came to my house 2 days in row to bully me. They said I made finger guns, ran ms piggy off the road, and blocked in her husband(a convicted felon, who the cheif of police put on ARD(for first time offenders after his DUI) at a store. After what my sister went thru I wasn't going into CID without a lawyer. For 1000 dollars he will be my voice. He will flip chairs and yell for me! We walk in and he's talking with the detective about little baseball, and right away I knew I had the wrong lawyer. The tell to stop doing what I'm doing and leave them alone. I read the police report the assholes filed, and convict said I blocked him in at a store. But what this store was video cameras all over, I can prove I was never there! I call my lawyer after the meeting and say can you grab me that police report? He says "Brian you said you were going away". Yeah but I can prove...." You can't have a copy because they didn't arrest you" But the Store, I can prove I " Don't kick the hornets nest Brian, your going to get stung". So I had to let it go, he has to much money and to much corruption protecting this tiny little asshole. Wow that dark fast haha. Any way I will continue to find a way to help this little girl, who I was told is not my daughter so don't worry about her, and mayber one day soon get her the help she really needs. Thank you for letting me join this group and I know I'm stronger with all your support!

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