I am excited to share the news that I was a guest on the NPR podcast Spectrum, which has just been released to a national audience on the NPR One, iTunes, and Google play podcasting services.

Please take a moment to download, listen, and leave a comment with your thoughts on the episode.

Christopher Anderson Leads MaleSurvivor to Assist Abused Males

UPDATE 9/8/16

We were just featured on a second episode along with our great friend Dr. Steven Gold at Nova Southeastern University. The discussion focussed on the intersection of power, abuse, and trauma.

Dr. Gold's students at the Trauma Resolution and Integration Program answer emails from the public about male sexual abuse, trauma, and healing through the HHS Team page.

You can access the new episode here: http://woub.org/2016/09/07/sex-and-power-whats-behind-the-headlines/

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