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#492980 - 12/26/15 05:31 PM Anxiety
Tryingtolive Offline

Registered: 02/15/15
Posts: 558
Anyone who suffers from a really bad anxiety disorder can you give me a run down of all your symptoms?
How it effects you and other people around you?
What are some of the ways you deal with it?

#492995 - 12/26/15 10:49 PM Re: Anxiety [Re: Tryingtolive]
Blue__Bird Offline

Registered: 12/16/15
Posts: 100
Not sure I have a "bad anxiety disorder" but to me, being anxious is when I'm scared. Fear kicks in and your hands get cold, you start shaking and something runs down your spine... When it's real bad I feel spaced out and sick.

It used to happen more often when I was younger, but as I grew up to be the cold and horrible person that I am, I've had fewer episodes. To anticipate and prevent panic events I use essential oils, they're really good and totally natural stuff.

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#493733 - 01/09/16 06:30 AM Re: Anxiety [Re: Tryingtolive]
Logan Offline

Registered: 04/05/03
Posts: 1368
Loc: NY
I was diagnosed as have GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder, when I was fairly young. I was diagnosed that when I was also Diagnosed as having ADD(inattentive type-No hyperactivity) and some others LD's(back then known as learning Disorders, Now seen and and talked about as Learning Differences) The other 2 LD's that I have is a Grapho-motor disorder-basically I hand write slowly and it is difficult for me to get my thoughts down on paper..., and I have and Auditory Processing Deficit-this means that I can hear you just fine but if there is back round noise(any noise), that makes is very difficult for me and makes it very difficult for me to concentrate--also when I was younger, although I could hear just fine, I could easily confuse words that sounded similar or--/ such as words that rhymed!!! The Back round Noise thing still bothers me to some degree, but I have learned to cope wit the other parts of this Disorder.
BTW, this in no way inhibits my intelligence, In fact, I have a very high I.Q.
I know what it is and I am told it is in the top 1 percentile, however..., I personally think that most of that becomes irrelevant, because I believe that it is NOT how smart one is, but rather how is one smart, as in we all have our talents and I could give virtually give endless examples of this, but that is getting further sidetracked to you original question.
After being Diagnosed with Panic disorder, I have no doubt in my mind that now looking back on it, it was directly related to the Abused That I faced and suffered from!!!

As for the symptoms of both The GAD: One can simply look that up and as for the Panic disorder, I think that is somewhat self explanatory, however, feel free to look that one up as well.

Also fell free to PM me should you have further questions on the subject as I would be happy to give out as much info as I am able to you.

hope this helps.


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"Terrible thing to live in Fear"-Shawshank Redemption
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"Quite a thing to live in fear, this is what is means to be a slave"
-Blade Runner

#499746 - 07/03/16 09:14 AM Re: Anxiety [Re: Tryingtolive]
Bryan7601 Offline

Registered: 05/19/16
Posts: 21
Loc: GA
Two things seem to trigger panic in me

1) waking up from sleep, I don't know if I have bad dreams cause i never remember my dreams, but sometimes I wake up like I'm going to jump out my skin. One thing I've started doing that helps is I sleep on my sofa and have a fan on me kinda keeps me in the moment when I wake up

2) getting off work. I work the overnight shift 11p to 7a and I'll feel jumpy going to my car but it's not as bad as when I'm in bed.

I did have a panic attack a few weeks ago was at the movies and it was probably the worst thing I've ever felt, had trouble getting air had to leave just went to the car and blasted the ac. Thankfully hasn't happened again.
Taking 1 day at a time

#500170 - 07/20/16 10:14 AM Re: Anxiety [Re: Tryingtolive]
iaccus Offline

Registered: 12/05/14
Posts: 476
Loc: Idaho
Diagnosed with complex ptsd, delusional disorder, and paranoia a few years ago.

I have problems in crowds or with people who desire to stand close to me. Especially anyone I dont know well (which is everyone).

I get an overwhelming sense of panic and defensiveness. If I do nothing to slow or stop it then I go into a real panic. Many a night my wife has found me coiled in a corner clutching a shotgun waiting for the hallucinations and paranoia to subside.

I take a host of medications supposedly to help. They do help diminish the issues but they do not stop the hallucinations or the feelings. I also have a service dog who helps some. I carry a gun with me everywhere and wear a bullet resistant vest. That helps a lot. Trying to focus on one thing, the task at hand has been the greatest help to me. I rarely go out unless it is to work and on those occasions I can focus on the task at hand.

I just re-read what I wrote and I realize I sound insane.
Life is pain, marked only at intervals in which the pain is less severe!
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#500275 - 07/24/16 10:28 PM Re: Anxiety [Re: Tryingtolive]
30something Offline

Registered: 12/30/15
Posts: 127
Loc: Southeast
Not insane, (((iaccus))).

One breath at a time. One foot in front of the other.

We got this.



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