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A school monitor had sex with two students
Nancy Lafontaine pleaded guilty Monday to charges of sexual assault. She spent the day playing cat and mouse with the media. An individual who accompanied helped her hide the best she could.

Amélie St-Yves, Le journal du Quebec, Monday, December 7, 2015 at 6:16 p.m. SETTING DAY Monday, December 7, 2015 6:16 p.m.
TROIS-RIVIERES | A 41 year old high school monitor had sex inside the school with two teenagers aged 16 and 17.
Nancy Lafontaine, now aged 43, was close to the students she was supposed to supervise at the Academy of Estacades Trois-Rivières. She was Facebook friends with several of them, including a 16 year old with whom she was enamored.
Both exchanged several text messages which became more and more explicit.
It was followed by a proposal for a sexual encounter in March 2013. Ms. Lafontaine wanted to leave the school, but the teenager insisted that it happen at school.
They met the next day in the basement of the institution for a sexual encounter that lasted ten minutes. The event was repeated again but the teen was frightened when he heard the sound of keys.
After rumors and an internal investigation, the teen finally confessed everything to the administrators of the school. He also spoke of another victim. The school complained to the police and the accused was fired.

At a cottage
Nancy Lafontaine admitted that in the summer of 2012, she had a similar relationship with another student, aged 17. After the exchange of text messages, they had a sex at the cottage of the teen's parents. The former school monitor was sentenced to 90 days in jail.

Judge Guy Lambert recalled that the two teenagers did not see themselves as victims of Nancy Lafontaine. He cited one of the lads "It does not affect me, any way. I was willing."
The accused was very emotional before the judge. "If you knew how much I regret this," she has said, in tears.
Although the age of consent is 16 years, the judge recalled the position of authority of the employee of the school.
"It was consensual, but you were in a position of authority, you had no right to do that," he said.

►For a few years, various cases of "consensual sex" in schools have made headlines, such as Tania Pontbriant. The former physical education teacher had a relationship with a 15 year old. She was sentenced to 20 months in prison in August 2014.

►A month ago, a 24 year old teacher of the College of the Sacred Heart of Sherbrooke has also been accused of having an intimate relationship with a student.
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