No nation will mourn at his loss, flags will not fly at half staff, and songs will not be penned in his memory. Gunnar was just a common man and that is the fate of common men. Personally I did not know him long but for the time I knew him we had public and private correspondence. Now I know why the last was not read. It was to do with his post in Dutch and me telling him that the closest thing to a seaotter where I come from is a Cougar. I thanked him for his translation of his post in Dutch. I assumed that the battle he was fighting was what we are all fighting. I had no idea of the battle that he could not win. I offer sympathy to his immediate family and shed tears in his memory and at the same time rage at the unfairness of it all. We all, his extended family of brothers will miss him. Here is a man who ,unselfishly till the end, gave of himself to help others. Most of us I am sure were not aware of his other battle.

But let me tell you Gunnar showed me the true face of HUMANITY and while I shed tears some of those tears are in rejoicing for what he showed.
To his immediate family and friends I personally want to thank you for giving us a man of such quality to share with you. He may be gone but he will never be forgotten by me. I will never forget his obvious strengh and courage.
In the future, when I am at a low point and there will be low points, I will remember GUNNAR and what he showed me. And in that he will live.
If there is a God and Heaven GUNNAR IS HEADING THERE FIRST CLASS ALL THE WAY. I gotta stop now. Sorry!!!