I think I may know what you are stating and asking
as I read the previous posts.

Seems that many CSA folks have not just "orientation" issues or questions but specific
issues with specific interactions with each sex and
with certain sexual practices.

Keeping this as a "G" rated reply is hard.

1. I do not like to be touched in certain places by anyone
2. I fear men in certain age ranges and of a certain body type.
3. I will not to this or that nor allow my parter to do it to me.

Now, if one does not have a "normal" range of
sexual interests they are gonna have problems with either straight or gay realtionships.

Can therapy help? I do not even want to know nor
want to be "repaired" in certain areas. I wasted years looking to fit under one label. Could have done better just doing what I was happy, comfortable doing.