Seasons greetings everyone!

Just wanted to say my operation went well on the 17th of November and am on road to an excellent recovery. A bit radical route for most, getting cut was good for me as I am absolutely no longer bugged by desires or anxieties of a sexual nature; as was my hope in proceeding with it.

Recent discussions with some family members about "WHY" I did it also led to my brother telling me of his own CSA at the hands of a close, trusted uncle, something he had never revealed to me before, or to anyone other than his wife of more than twenty years.

I'm certain we will grow closer as a result of our mutual experiences. This is something I hadn't really thought about, as I had no intention of revealing the castration.

But, it's a wonderful added benefit, the new level of honesty, and it is an awesome present this time of year.

Scott, I got your card, thanks. Would you email me so we could talk further?

Have a safe and wonderful holiday,