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#469367 - 08/26/14 01:10 PM Self Examination is Not for the weak
nltsaved Offline

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Self Examination is Not for the weak

Godliness keeps you from living unholy. If you lack perseverance it will be impossible to achieve Godliness. In our deepest trials God does his deepest work. A deep passion for God comes through the deep things he brings us out of and delivers us from . Brokenness enacts God's greatest strengths in you because his glory is displayed fully in a state of brokenness. When God restores broken people it shows this dying world what God can do to and through people. So many times people turn their face away from God in times of struggle and hardships. Turning your face towards the one who came to heal the broken hearted the bruised and the wounded in these times is the surest way to overcoming.

When you drift from the truth you will always reap what you have sown. When you face conflict and hardships the nature of your true hearts condition is revealed. These are the very things God wants to renew in Godliness. The thing's we do in the dark are the very thing's God can see but the world around you can not. The deep thing's that Lie beneath the surface and dwell deep in the heart. The things we Lie about in our heart are the very things God wants to establish his holiness in.

Rebellion against the truth you know exists within your heart prove that submission is going to take a form of brokenness in order for you to finally acknowledge the truth and submit to the truth so that God can begin to work with you. God only deals with truth because he is Truth. There has to be an honest self examination on a daily basis in light of God's word. When you do this you are allowing yourself to learn how to be lead by God and not self.

This is where spiritual growth occurs. Do not allow pride to take you captive and deceive you into thinking you do not need to align your life in light of God's word . Rebellion is a characteristic of Satan not God. Satan wants to take you captive with pride , for this was the very thing that caused him to rebel against God. People that do not think they are wondering , always believe the message is always for someone else. Always hearing but never coming into the knowledge of the truth.

People that do not want to change will not change because there is no sense of submission but only a prideful sense of denial. When you live in a place of rebellion you are veiled by pride . Humility is the first step of submission. Without humility you will never step out of prides trap. Refinement is hard and painful but the finished product results in purity.

If you want to be the sermon and be a demonstration of the sermon you have to practice what is preached not preach what you are not practicing. Your life should be a demonstration of God's word not a demon-stration living out the opposite message of Gospel. So many have a distorted view of the most high God and have exchanged the truth about God for the God of their imaginations. The God of the imagination is a God of compromise and justification. This God allows for living any which way the heart desires with the expectations of grace and forgiveness around every corner every decision and action . Wondering from the truth and thinking that they are OK. When in reality they are not under the direction and authority of The living God. They are deceived and follow after false doctrines and teachings that only reveal what their itching ears desire to hear. Such as TD Jakes,Benny Hinn, and the master of deceptive teaching Joel Osteen to name a few. God's word is not about living your best life now or inheriting material thing's, in fact it is about trials tribulations and conforming you into the image of the most high righteousness and holy God.
Allowing us to have more and more of the deception that we will be fully happy when we have achieved material success is an illusion from the devil himself. We can only be fully fulfilled when we are living in submission to God and living within the will of God not the will of self or the will of man.

You do not have to take my word for it simply turn through the pages of the bible and take a look for yourself, Was Paul's life one of great bliss ? or how about Peter or King David? Was their life all about their best life now and achieving and fulfilling their every desire or was it one of hardship trials and refinement filled with lots of self examinations and coming to the conclusions that apart from doing the will of God results in only treacherous and abundant heartache. Striving to obtain your best life now instead of embracing the life God has planned for you will only result in indulging the God of the imagination.

God molds his people and conforms them into the image of Christ by any means necessary. Will God bless those who seek after him ? Undoubtedly so but I can assure you it will not be without submission to his will and being more than just a hearer of his word but a doer also. Obedience of God's word is what invokes blessing in ones life and it is not reserved for material things but spiritual fruit such as love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self- control. These blessings are being able to spiritually discern what to do when to do and how to do which in turn when obeyed keeps you from having to be deceived into constantly believing that you continually need X Y or Z in order to be happy , for the love of God becomes more than enough to sustain you whether you have or do not have because you are able to see clearly that in truth God has indeed supplied you with what you need not merely with what you want.

Living a life for God looks like picking up your cross daily denying yourself so that you may be able to follow Christ because if you are not denying self you are indulging self and this is an impossibility to follow Christ while indulging in the very thing Christ is trying to rid you of. When you pick up your cross daily ,what ever that cross is ,pride,anger, pornography,envy,strive,jealousy, choose to deny it in light of God word and follow after the Redeemer of such thing's. If you do choose to pick up your cross and follow Christ you will realize that life becomes about others and not about yourself anymore. No greater love than for you to lay down your life for another . while laying down your life for God ,than God will use you to share the saving knowledge of the truth about God thus saving others from the deception about this life being meant to glorify self and not the living God.

God gives us gifts talents and abilities. Our problem comes into play when we use them thinking we are to glorify self instead of using them in the way they were intended and that is to use them to glorify God. The world teaches that this life is all about you and creates a reality that you should do what ever it is that makes you happy. You should begin to realize that this chasing after these illusions are what ultimately end in the war within yourself. Our biggest battles in this life are found within ourselves. The battle between the good that is within ourselves that which is God and then evil that lies within ourselves which is of Satan. Two very distinct forces at war and conflict with one another . Our biggest enemy is self when we indulge self when we listen and obey self and not the good or the God within ourselves. For it is impossible for us to be lead astray obeying the word of truth that is seared into our very being our conscious our heart. No one has every been lead astray by the holy spirit it is only when we choose to suppress the truth in our unrighteousness we find ourselves in the most perplexing situations and circumstances. Chasing after the things of this world creates unnecessary false burdens upon ourselves. Chase after seek after the one true God seek after Christ. Draw near to him and he will draw near to you,knock and the will be opened to you seek and you will find.

What you will find is life and life more abundant. Living life apart from Christ is choosing to die a slow painful death . Choosing to live life for Christ and choosing to pick up your cross denying yourself daily will result in a continued growing process meant to bring you and conform you into the image of Christ. This process keeps you in constant fellowship with God and he will use you in more ways than you ever thought possible. "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.".

Examine yourself truthfully to see if you are indeed in the faith and if you find out that you are not recognize God is able to work with this truth for he will not work within the realm of denial. Be excited about walking and living in truth because inside the realm of truth is where change occurs.

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#469387 - 08/27/14 03:02 AM Re: Self Examination is Not for the weak [Re: nltsaved]
victor-victim Offline

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a good read with good ideas.

the bible is my measuring stick.

I cannot discern progress without it.

if I am not brutally honest with myself
I will deny my own faults.
being "good enough" was not good enough.

I wanted more.
I wanted to be better.
I wanted improvement.
I had no clear idea what that was.
so I use the bible as my guide and authority.

results are 100 % positive.



#469709 - 09/05/14 01:38 AM Re: Self Examination is Not for the weak [Re: nltsaved]
gettingstronger Offline

Registered: 09/24/13
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Loc: Virginia

I couldn't have said it better. I will go so far as to say that without Him, I couldn't have made it this far. Too many things have come together too well-- either I hit the CSA survivors' lottery, or He's been involved. Keeping it short (for once!) for now.



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