** Triggers **

Hello everyone, I found out two weeks ago that my perpetrator died after his black heart ruptured while he was driving causing him to lose consciousness and his vehicle left the road, hit a utility pole and coasted into the building of a grocery store July 13th. He was airlifted to a hospital and died a coulple of days later. I don't know if he died from the heart problems or injuries related to the car crash.

I found out about this through a newspaper article when I googled shitheads name like I usually do a couple of times a week. The last time I had any news about this scumbag was when he was arrested for drunk driving around Labor Day weekend 2011. In that news a website called mugshots.com had posted his mugshot for that incident. I noticed he must have paid mugshots.com to have his mug removed from the internet quickly because it was on the web for only about four days.

This is how I figured what town he was living in, in his home state after serving 22yrs in the CO prison system for raping two 12y.o. boys and one 5y.o. boy. I was one of the 12 y.o. boys back in 1983. This is a person who also was considered a fugitive from justice in 1979 from a kidnapping charge in MN.

This shithead tricked me into going into a house that he was house sitting and held me there against my will for hours and raped me, while threatening to kill me and my family if I ever told.

I was planning on killing him when I turned 19 and when I finally tracked him down through detective style work, I found out he was already in prison for raping two other boys. I could not kill him since he was in prison, so I pressed charges.

After he was released from prison I figured if I killed him, I would be one of the first suspects they would look at. So I did not want to ruin my life just to avenge myself.

I had so many fantasies about kidnapping this shithead and slowly torturing him to death, i.e. kidnapping him and take him to a hot desert, tie him up under a cliff edge, drop small rocks on him about once an hour and sometimes pouring hot oil on him.

I can't say what a relief I feel now that he is dead. I no longer have these fanasies about killing him. I feel as if I am in a new chapter in my life because of this. The funny thing is, is the way shithead died, if he hadn't have died in such a manner, his death would have not made news, and I would not have known about his death (he was living in a different state than me). I consider this God's work even though I am not a religious person.

I remember thinking to myself at work around the day of this accident that shithead did his time according to the government in prison but I felt justice was not enough, especially when the judge handed him a twelve year sentence for raping me and 10 of those years were to run concurrent with the years he was already serving for the rapes of two other boys.

I figure when his heart ruptured, he was probably in a lot of pain which makes me feel that justice was served!

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