this is the song called blurry by the band puddle of mudd.

ever since i first heard this song on the radio i was instantly drawn to it. it seriously grabbed a hold of me. i got to reading the lyrics and..... just, wow!

it was, to me, screaming of how things are sometimes in that relationship with the adult me to that little hurt boy in me and towards the world.

now, i know that this is not what the song is about, but for some reason it grabs me in that way.

parts of it sound like the adult me reaching out to that little hurt boy, trying to protect him, look over him, wonder where he is and sometimes how it seems like we're oceans apart...

and other parts are of the little boy coming back screaming out his pain and how it was shoved on him and in his face, desperately crying out to the adult me to take it all away..

and how the lines, our lives, this world has become so


live another day. climb a little higher.

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