Rhett and Link are a couple of guys who do a talk show on Youtube. These two have been friends since 1st grade and share their relationship with their listeners. I have often wondered what a healthy, supportive friendship would be like and have vicariously had a good look at one through the efforts of these two friends.

I would like to share a podcast these two recently made where they define some of the strengths of each other and how that has impacted their lives, the lives of their families of origin and creation. I hope you get the enjoyment and insight, the honesty of the share and the fun of an obviously long term friendship that I have witnessed in listening to this podcast. Sam

Here is the introduction: In this special Rhett & Link-only episode, the guys unpack Rhett's "layers," or as Link calls them- obsessions. Ultralights, crows, fossils, Crown Victorias and much more. Rhett & Link explore Rhett's propensity to find “his next big thing” and the impact it has on their friendship.

https://soundcloud.com/earbiscuits/ep-42-rhett-link-obsession-ear-biscuits and push the "play" arrow icon in the upper left hand corner.

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