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#467896 - 07/23/14 02:15 PM Medical Conditions of CSA

Registered: 08/31/11
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It seems several of conditions I have experienced in life may be linked to the CSA.

About 18 years ago I was having nightmares and thoughts of the abuse. I began to black out and pass out. It was diagnosed as neurocardiogenic (or vasovagal) syncope. One cause of this type of syncope is stress related to trauma and they have found correlation with PTSD, which I experienced per the medical profession. The syncope and PTSD are both controlled by the components of the autonomic nervous system

I was hospitalized for the syncope and it was determined I had PVC's (premature ventricular complexes)or irregular heartbeats. Ultimately the syncope was put under control with medication but the PVC's continued. I was very sensitive to the PVC's and knew their frequency. With a holter monitor I would record unusual sensations in the heart. The doctor was impressed with the accuracy of what I recorded and the electronic results.

During my last hospitalization for fugues there was no evidence of PVC's. I had a recurrent and more complex pattern and frequency of PVC's for all these years. A few months prior to this hospital visit I was also hospitalized for fugues and after I was in the present, the doctors asked about my heart. They were alarmed by the frequency of the PVC's. I had to explain. They indicated stress could contribute to the PVC's. A few months later they disappeared. I monitored my heart rate, which was low, but now is more normal by taking my pulse. When taking the pulse I could feel the frequency of the heartbeats, longer duration and double and triple beats in continuum.

Every time I went to a new doctor I could see the concern on their face when the read the EKG. There was no signs of any form of heart condition or abnormalities in the heart structure. I had to explain there was a baseline for the PVC's which had not changed in 17 years until the last hospitalization a year ago, when they had disappeared. They all said emotional stress could contribute to the PVC's. I had one of those mobile heart checks recently and no sign of PVC's. I explained my history. I told them about the CSA and how I have finally come to terms with it.

Doctor's have trouble explaining PVC's but believe emotional stress and anxiety from the trauma could have been a factor. Anxiety increases adrenaline production from the autonomic nervous system and can cause the irregular heartbeats. They cannot explain why they stopped but a change in emotions most likely contributed to the cessation of the PVC's. I can say I am happy they have disappeared, regardless of the reason. They did not control my life but could be disruptive when I tried to relax because with the mind not being preoccupied the sensation of the irregular heartbeats would bother me.

Now a third condition, sleep walking and talking. I have intermittent episodes over the years. In college after the professor's, a priest, hands fell into my groin I had terrible nightmares and the sleepwalking began. A few weeks ago I was at a ball game with college friends and while reminiscing the stories of my sleepwalking and talking came up. Told with humor and how I would eject from the bed and begin walking the halls and at times I would begin to talk. I would curse and say to people get out of here leave me alone, even giving the finger to some. I would walk and then collapse to the floor. Never remembering but sometimes embarrassed when someone would say something, like who were you last night.

I had a sleep walking episode about year ago as everything about the abuse was coming to a head. I jumped out of the bed and got dressed. My special friend, thankfully is trained in trauma and is a well credentialed medical professional, knew I was sleeping walking. I continued to dress and began to walk. I left the house and walked the sidewalks. She said I stopped at the crosswalks and after three blocks I sat on bench at a bus stop and fell into a sleeping positions. She stayed with me and I awoke on the bench a short time after. Startled and somewhat incoherent. Eventually I came back. It had been years since I have any account of sleep walking. It has been almost a year since this episode. Once again trauma and PTSD can manifest themselves in sleep walking and talking I have been told by doctors and others in the medical profession. It also is connected to a aberration in one of the components of the autonomic nervous system. As do the night terrors and flashbacks.

Lastly the dissociation which has been with me a lifetime but seems to be under control now. The medical professionals say many never suffer any of these conditions but for one person to have experienced the number of conditions I have experienced would imply a strong correlation with the trauma that resulted from the abuse. I gather the impact of the trauma was manifesting itself throughout life on the inside. I guess my body and mind coped in this manner.

The medical community continues to explore trauma and its effects on the mind and the body. It will take time for the medical profession to fully understand the workings of the mind but at least they have some initial findings. But for me there are many in the medical profession who give me comfort that there is an underlying cause for how I experienced many conditions or events that can be tied to the abuse. It makes me realize I am sane, because there was a time if I said I had syncope, slept walked and talked and nightmares people would look at me funny (and I never told of the lost time which I now know is from dissociation until recently)--like there was something mentally wrong with me. Now I know it was the bastard that was responsible for many of these conditions. The positive is I now can better control my life and not let him control it anymore.

For me this helps on my journey to heal because it puts the abuse and its impact on my life in perspective.

#467904 - 07/23/14 04:37 PM Re: Medical Conditions of CSA [Re: KMCINVA]
NoSimpleMachine Offline

Registered: 06/05/14
Posts: 223
Loc: SF Bay Area
Hi KMC. I believe pretty strongly that when it comes to overall health, stress and self-esteem and anxiety and depression and worry are huge problems...they wear down our immune systems, they makes us feel hurt and worried about our current and future health, and they can even cause some very medically-wrong-feeling symptoms in otherwise healthy (bodily healthy, I should say) individuals.

I recently experienced some psychogenic pseudoseizures due to all the stress of the trauma coming back to me first I was afraid I was going to die, but it turned out they were more like blocked anxiety attacks. For the months leading up to and through uncovering my abuse (it happened at a young age and was blocked from my memory until a few months ago), my ejaculate changed, and were even completely physically blocked at points. I had a mysterious illness a few years back that was autoimmune in nature and had me on disability and pretty immobile for an entire summer (Henoch-Schonlein Purpura, which is somewhat common in children but exceedingly rare in adults).

The HSP I'm a little more iffy on, but the more recent stuff for sure has been stress/trauma/PTSD-related. It makes complete sense. It's all one body, one mind, one immune system.

I hope your health improves as your trauma healing process continues; I believe quite strongly that it will. Take care smile

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#467936 - 07/24/14 01:17 PM Re: Medical Conditions of CSA [Re: KMCINVA]

Registered: 08/31/11
Posts: 3713

Thank you. My health is good now-You are right the stress, trauma,PTSD, hiding the secret all impacted my overall health--physically and emotionally. Now that I have faced the past everything is looking up. Learning new ways to cope and not allowing it to be internalized and wreaking havoc on the body and mind. To be honest, I never realized I was doing this to myself until the doctors and T helped to realize I need to address the abuse, triggers and coping mechanisms. I also never realized the link between the syncope, sleepwalking, dissociation and possibly the PVCs. I think that helps me to push forward because I can remember the fear and concerns I had for these conditions. It took time and I know healing is an on-going process. To have achieved a sense of peace is rewarding to me.

I am sorry to hear of you psyhegenic pseudoseizures and other issues. I am glad you are addressing the issues and hope you overcome them. Having illnesses or conditions that are little understood is difficult because those around you look with skepticism. Few truly understand what the CSA has done to the mind which impacts the body. You deserve to have your health and not having it impacted by the long term effects of the abuse.

I only hope any child who has been sexually abused receives help while they are young. This may prevent them from suffering the physical and psychological issues as adults. They deserve a full life.


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