I've been discussing this matter with a good number of adults. I've limited my discussion to only those adults whom 1) Greatly value their TV and its remote, 2) Are happy with all typical stuff of this shallow nation, such as their ATV, 2 new cars in the drive, Big-ass TV, Cold Beer, Snow-mobiles and speed-boats.

As Gene Wilder would say: "You know...morons."

We discussed the movement toward normalizing "multi-generational sexual relation" in Europe, Africa and other continents and cultures.

I would end with what this australian judge said. The replies were basically, "Well, its only a matter of time till incest is normalized."

"WTF?!" you say? "How can that possibly BE" you think?

I (and millions of other Americans) had similar reactions years ago in regard to Gay Marriage, Church Rights to Refuse, Legal Pot, Open Borders, and a myriad of other significant cultural shifts.

In other words, in today's lubed-up cultural shifts, with no examination into the roots of the convention to be killed, ALL things appear to be "just a matter of time." Majority view is no longer needed nor sought-after for change either. One ass-hole with some disdain for a flag or a cross in, near, above, etc anything he chooses to view, can cause a complete degradation of established values.

The quick-draw "its 2014 for fk-sake" is a typical fool's justification for anything these days. They don't want to hear about "values of some," or "where the convention ever came from." They don't care. They just want the results to be in direct opposition to the convention because the simple aged calendar brings validity to their feeble mind and argument.

So...I'm pointing at all those who have conditioned this and other nations into very fluid disillusion and disregard of established values. After all, isn't "not fucking a child" a value held by a society? To be a LAW, it had to have been a social value at the casting of the legislation. So too with marriage definitions, immigration safety procedure, second amendment stuff, abortion laws.

Can you possibly tell me how our value of "not fucking children" is MORE socially important and weighty than the life of the un-born? So yes...I fully agree with the judge in Australia. It IS only a matter of time until adult-child sexual relations are "cool with society."

I have very little faith in man to do the right thing now, or ever. Literally anything is a candidate for radical change, because no one is willing to stand-up and declare "what is right and what is wrong."