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#467742 - 07/18/14 05:33 AM Disabled! Charities that will help me pack & move?
Human Offline

Registered: 03/14/12
Posts: 67
Loc: private
I may be at the end of my rope as far as keeping my home, yet I am also trying really hard to do so.

However, If things don't pan out as far as my last two works in progress I must pack and move back to my home town until I can get my feet back on the ground.

My biggest dilemma is that last year I slipped and fell, underwent emergency back surgery! and was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetic and was hospitalized for over a month, then hospitalized two more times (10 and 14 days) for cellulitis of the right leg (and 3 ER visits mixed in) that's 6 times to the hospital last year!

I am in a LOT of post operative pain and cannot lift too much, if my next work gigs fall through, I will need to be ready and be mostly packed in addition to clearing out 34 years of furnishings and other possessions (some new, old, collectible, average etc) so that I can (hopefully) sell my home for a small gain (truly small after fees and commissions etc, if may have zero equity in it)

If I sell my possessions at the very least I'll have juuuuust enough to keep me off the streets and out of shelters.

I do have family I can go live with until things improve, but they are over 600 mils away and cannot help me due to age and jobs.

Anom once suggested a slew of charitable organizations... I recall one being The Boy Scouts, but they told me since I am selling my things Yard/Estate sale it involves money for my needs and that disqualified me from getting their help. Thank you scouts! and I understand. (Anom, if you're still a member I'll PM you and please feel free to post in this thread if you can think of any help. And I do hope to chat with you and the other guys, too)

I am hoping everyone here has suggestions for different organizations that may be able to help me. I am open to almost any idea... and btw, I have called Estate sales companies and my stuff/calendar is something they would sell off in lots (for dirt cheap, as if I were a deceased relative!) So, I am hoping some members here might have some better ideas for helpful suggestions for finding help at least with doing some estate style yards sales before the cold/snow hits where I live and while the summer dry months and tourists in my area are out and about buying.

Normally I can set up a yard sale myself, but after my emergency back surgery, I simply can NOT lift much like I used to able to.

I was baptized a Catholic but haven't attended our local church here, ever, except for Holidays and such. Perhaps they would help me anyway? Thoughts?

Any and all suggestions for helping me find help with this summer responsibility would be greatly appreciated!

One last thing, I must have at least a few large estate/yard sales to prep my house for either, it's sale or possibly to rent either way I MUST organize and sell 50% or more of my possessions, for the space and for the funds I can use for a move or repairs (if I can manage to stay in the house long enough to discover if my one other/last work gig pans out) Whatever happens I think am going to lose it playing the waiting game! I need suggestions and to get a move on things.

Ending on a positive note...I realize I may feel as though I'm at the end of my rope, but perhaps if I must move back home I will do my best to see it as the beginning of a new rope leading to a better life. It won't be easy (some of the abuse took place in that hometown) but I can do it because the area has some of my close family there and it's close to the ocean/beaches and some opportunities (we hope!)

Thx again, Human!

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#468290 - 08/01/14 01:52 AM Re: Disabled! Charities that will help me pack & move? [Re: Human]
InsideTheWall Offline

Registered: 01/10/09
Posts: 297
Honestly, Catholic Charities or something similar sounds like your best bet.

#473720 - 12/18/14 12:45 PM Re: Disabled! Charities that will help me pack & move? [Re: Human]
Human Offline

Registered: 03/14/12
Posts: 67
Loc: private
Thanks InsideTheWall smile

I'm very glad I came back to MS tonight and did some reading up.

I'm especially glad I clicked on this post. It's a great reminder of where I was just 5 months ago, wow! I suppose it's as if I made an entry in my own diary, and it's jogged my memory banks back into a reality I haven't been taking seriously enough. After I posted this "shout out" for suggestions of help, things slowly ground away but didn't improve much.

Now, 5 months later I find myself shocked and awed and trust me more motivated to meet the deadline of packing and prepping my house to sell it and relocate to (one) of my old home towns, where it is warmer and closer to family (and the ocean).

Sorry for the lousy grammar but man, do I need to stay focused and get my head back in the game and keep it there until I sell this house and rebuild a new life back home. For those of you that don't know me, I suffer from CSA but also a serious low back chronic pain condition (short explanation is "failed back surgery syndrome") and it isn't easy to get the slightest full work day in, let alone pack and move but but BUT I must!

Wish me luck! And I'll revisit this thread to remind myself of progress and who knows, maybe even see a post offering some good ideas for making my move happen more easily (On a budget, money is tight and doing the work myself) I do have a friend and some contracted estate liquidator help here n there. The rest will be donated to friends, charity and the free section of Craigs list, and the last bits to the dump. I'm fortunate I can sell the house quickly and trust me, I'm gonna need some money to slowly but surely rebuild my life...including seeing a T and/or going to a support group.

Thanks in advance and again, please wish me luck and toss out any ideas or suggestions for help if ya got 'em!

I wish the best for everyone else facing BS in their lives! May all of us heal and grow from survivor to thriver and more! smile

Until next time...Human


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