My brother was 4.5 years older than me. Maybe he was 15 and I was 10 or 11. Maybe he was 16. He came in the living room and said he was going to punish me the way our neighbor punished his kids. I didn't know what that meant. He told me to get down. I went to the wall, where he'd motioned, and I knelt down. He didn't seem too mad about whatever it was, so I thought this was going to be a joke. Then I see he is unzipping his pants and pulling down his underwear. I still think this is a joke. I don't want to do what he tells me to do though so he hits me. I can't get away. He's going to hit me again so I just start sucking like he tells me to do. I don't understand any of it. I remembered this as a joke for decades and still don't remember much of it.