My dawn

The dawn has come.
Time has caught up with me.
The alarm sounds.

I awaken and feel like an angry bear
jolted out of hibernation full of bad dreams.
Do bears dream?

The light is unbearable,
burning at
my ladened limbs.
Frozen immobile the rust falls away.

Opening my eyes all looks changed, surreal,
like the dreamer and the dream are one.

Darkness descends but I do not lay.

Only, Only if I blink all will disappear.
Says the voice in my head. Don't close your eyes!!

So I wait for the dawn to come.
My dawn.

I deeply inhale the waters of the depths that cover me.

7x7 and evil disappears.
My heart pounds, I open my eyes,
it was all just a dream.


Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain."
Frank Herbert