I always feel rather pleased when random people who have absolutely nothing to do with Sa recognize it. Especially when those people are simply commenting on pop cultural phenomina.

As a simpsons fan for a ridiculously long time, i was reading revews on this blog, and came across this review of the episode in which Marge starts using weights.

As far as I know the reviewer has no experience of sa yet even he! sees the Marge and homer scene as wrong and decries how dam awful it was that they made jokes about it.

See http://meblogwritegood.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/300-strong-arms-of-the-ma/ (particularly read the last few comments).

I'll also add that the same reviewer has similar reservations about the amount of gay jokes and gay sterriotypes on the Sipsons, which again is why I'm pleased he recognizes this too.

Unfortunately he didn't recognize the scene in the later episode showing a ten year old Homer forceably given an adult by 12 year old Selmabut you can't have everything, and that is a much shorter and less blatant scene than this.

Actually I admit I'd utterly forgotten about this episode and this scene and just how worrying it was, though I'm pleased people pick up on it.