dad likes me.
to have
much food.
semen=sugar sugar=feeling good!
until when?
eat goran.
I remember nothing.
my family is a piece of shit.
and I f I could talk I would tell my dad to leave me
and sendme to the police or somewhere.
I wish to feel loved.
and I am letting myself to hurt me.
I eat so much whipping cream lately,
and graham crumbs and grapes.
it isn't good.
and I have a trainer,advisor.
he is great, wonderful
but I am avoiding to talk to him.
my feelings hurt.
when . I as smacerd of him.
I wam not to talk.
to .
I hate billie.
I need to kill her.
wi I would love to leave Winnipeg.
I hate it.
I want a male sexual abused group.
there isn't any.
men` resource center I wont go to.
and I feel like I am the asshole.
this guy thinks he can do whatever
I hate my thoughts.
I wish. I could change my eating habits.
this is insane.
I have went out of control with this eating.
and I don't know how to stop.
I needed to get this out.
it didn't help all that much.
but it is.