If you haven't seen them, it it is worth checking out Malesurvivor.org Executive Director Chris Anderson's speeches from appearances, airing on youtube.

You can find them by logging onto youtube.com and going to the Malesurvivor NOMSV youtube channel, or by searching "Christopher (or Chris) Anderson Malesurvivor." If you search only "Chris Anderson," you'll find the search needs to be refined to narrow the results.

I have included a link below.

They're mostly videos of panel discussions, so I recommend viewing and listening to these while doing a mundane chore at your desk or recliner, something that allows you to focus primarily on listening.

The speeches are quite informative and insightful, and you're sure to gain a deeper appreciation for who this man is and how he serves our survivor community. He is nothing less than a warrior on behalf of us and those who have yet to face their trauma.

Here's a link:
Chris Anderson talks on youtube
I have taken to the stand-up comedy stage to educate other male survivors and those who try to love them. I blog about my isolated religious upbringing where physical and sexual abuse were commonplace and I serve as a facilitator of a weekly support group for men who have suffered sexual assault.