"In A Town This Size" is available on Netflix's "play now" feature. I discovered and watched it tonight.

As far as entertainment value, it's not a "wow" ride. It doesn't attempt to manipulate the viewer in any manner. It's a "just the facts" film produced by a male survivor of assault by his childhood pediatrician, a serial child rapist.

Worth checking out. Very insightful into the question, "Why didn't somebody do something?" Again, it's not a highly produced feature; it's a regular guy like you and me telling his story and getting others to tell theirs as it relates to the local pediatrician and his unconscionable behavior.

What makes this documentary unique is that the child rapist was never prosecuted. Out of frustration over that fact and the statute of limitations having expired, this one male survivor took matters in his own hands and produced this documentary.....giving the rapist's full name throughout. Rather than sue the producer, the rapist took cover.

[FYI, publishing an un-prosecuted perp's name puts a survivor at risk of a serious defamation lawsuit. This is one of the MAJOR survivor-related issues for which Chris Anderson, Executive Director, MS.org is advocating to remedy on our behalf. Lifting the statute of limitations would break the forced silence for most of us.]

Here's the synopsis:
"In A Town This Size" introduces an Oklahoma town and its long-ignored tragedy of child sexual abuse during the 1960's and 70's. The film illustrates that through determination, support and direct conversation, survivors can heal themselves and become advocates for change.

Produced by Patrick Viersen Brown
Genre: Social & Cultural Documentaries, Documentary