Great story.. in many ways! Let me response from my personal experiences..

To me, i try to safe bugs from getting trapped inside my house. There is this protective part in me, which tries to gently and safely escort flies from the window to the back yard, moving ants out of the way and getting other bugs from the pc screen or wherever i may find them. I only never really thought about the reason why. cause rationally i know that the ant i safe today, could die tomorrow.

And yet, in it is something which feels natural to me. Or perhaps the word safe is better. I don't want to kill the insects, i want them to be able to live and not die by my hand. Long ago did i slap the last fly.

Reading this story makes me ponder all the reasons why. And feeling the emotions and sensations hint in the direction i read about yesterday. That the heart has to be open and naked, that every step of any insect touching it makes it sad and joyful. Cause thats how i feel when i think about it. And thats what lies inside. Perhaps i'm just too afraid to admit that the feelings of respect and compassion i guide towards the insects are likewise meant for me. Untill i realize that there is no difference for whom i do it, that its natural to be caring and giving.

In short, thanks, it helps me trust the goodness inside all of us. It helps me to see that i am human, really human. Not a good or a bad human, no.. this time i'm just a human

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Trust me, you are worth it to love yourself!

I now know who I am - I've never been anybody else!