Child abuse is about rape of innocence.

Its about the child having to live through so much intolerance of his hidden fears.

People treat him different, maybe he is cool, maybe he is withdrawn and shy.

How can he really express his hurt, how can he really be who he really is?

He cannot function in the real World that is frightening for any boy, let alone the abused boy.

I not talk about my abuse, but it caused me profound difficulties in life, and responding to normal things in adult life.

It hurts so much to be outcast of society, by hiding emotions and deeply found fears, but I have to accept that somehow he got through the worst part of it, and maybe he is still here.

Maybe he is the shell of his existence on this Earth, and maybe he should no be here.

Sometimes he wonders what life should be, but sometimes he thinks he can be better for surviving abuse, I really dont know.

I never know who like me and who really cares, but it is not new to feel this way, I suppose it is just part of who I am and not the shell that is left.

I never knew that, since I was 11yo, and sometimes it hurts to be there, so I dont go.
I can only be in my own hurt, no other place I can be, but it hurts there, if I let it be that way,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!