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#464242 - 04/18/14 02:37 PM having my aura photographed
HD001 Offline

Registered: 07/30/12
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So this week I went with a friend to have my aura photographed. I had never had it done before and thought it would just be some silly fun thing to do with a friend.
Well it turned out to be very interesting indeed. My aura was bright yellow with a white globe by my head. Yellow is the last color I would expect. The man who took my photo was printing out my report when he pulled up a picture of my chakras. He was very serious and showed me that my bottom 3 where very inflammed and muddy colored. He then pointed to my heart chakra which was faint and told me that I needed to address a serious issue in my life. I listened politley as he went into detail about how I have massive amounts of grief anger and sorrow I have been repressing and how it is pulling energy from my heart center.
He went on to say that someone in my life has been hurting me for a long time and I am reading to snap on them if I hadn't already. He keep saying how important it was that I confront the person in a peaceful way and set firmer limits with them. How the relationship with this person has reached a breaking point and things must be addressed.
It was a little embarassing because my friend heard the whole thing and she doesn't know anything about my marriage problems. But it was kind of a wake up call too. I figured if some stranger at a new age woo woo place can see this so clearly it must be pretty bad.
I took the report home to H and told him about it. I did what the guy said and it was scary and hard. I gave H a list of what I expect from him if we are going to stay married and said that if he can't give me those things then we need to get a divorce.
Turns out H is really scared that I will never be able to fully forgive him for what he has put me through. He agreed that the things I ask of him are resonable. He promised he would do them. So I told him that if he works hard at making the changes I requested then I will work hard at true forgivness.
Last night I started meditating with a forgiveness theme trying to again open my heart and let go. It really did feel nice but I can't tell I have a long way to go. I would love it if any partners have advice about forgivness or things that have helped you let go.
The chakra thing is kind of interesting to me because for the past year everything below my heart has been sluggish and congested even though I eat healthy and work out 5 days a week. Its clear there is a lot of letting go I need to do.
Everything comes from within

#464402 - 04/22/14 05:14 PM ? [Re: HD001]
ConfusedConflict Offline

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#464522 - 04/24/14 11:54 PM Re: having my aura photographed [Re: HD001]
Esposa Offline

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Reiki and any energy work is awesome.

Forgiveness is a choice, and a difficult one. I have often felt jealous of those who had a faith that seemed to make forgiveness seem like the only option. I am not one of those so I have had to work very hard on forgiveness. Forgiving him and forgiving myself.

Time has been the biggest friend to me on this topic. But I did meditate on forgiveness for a long time and also on setting my heart free from past hurts. It took awhile but now I am more conscious of the fear that tends to prohibit forgiveness.

I see my husband for who he is.
I see myself for who I am.
I work very hard at not taking his challenges or damage personally. They have very little to do with me. I am only collateral damage if I allow myself to be.

I work these mantras and I also stay focused on gratitude and having some wink Forgiveness requires grace and grace is not possible when we are afraid.

#464815 - 04/30/14 04:02 PM Re: having my aura photographed [Re: HD001]
HD001 Offline

Registered: 07/30/12
Posts: 276
Loc: us
I had never thought about the relation between fear and forgiveness. It make a lot of sense. It seems that fear is behind most of what keeps us from moving forward.
I know for me I have been afriad to forgive H because of the fear of being hurt again but I'm learning the forgiveness is more about letting go so that I can have peace than it is about the other person.
All of the heaviness I've been carrying has been holding me back from seeing things clearly and enjoying my life to the fullest. I agree that time is important here and I'm trying to be patient with myself.
Everything comes from within


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