Volunteers needed to talk about their sexual victimization experience.

Would you like to donate about 2 hours of your time for an interview about your life and your sexual victimization experience? The research focuses on how men make sense of their sexual victimization. It is an overlooked issue for men and your story could help provide valuable information to inform service agencies and other men who are not ready to seek help because they are worried about how their family, friends, and society will react.

Men who have experienced sexual victimization since turning 18-years-old.

Procedure: The interviews can be completed over the phone, through a video chat client like Skype, or in person. The principal investigator from the University of Delaware will talk with you privately to answer questions and conduct the interview if you consent. All of the information that you provide will be kept confidential to extent permitted by law. Delaware, and other local states, require those knowing or suspecting of child abuse or neglect to report it. These laws will be followed. Please ask questions when contacting the principal investigator if you have questions or need more information. Your name will always be kept separate from your interview answers. Feel free to contact the principal investigator through the information below with any questions.

Interviews: During the interview, you will be asked some personal questions about your childhood, family, and your experiences with being sexually victimized. You will not have to answer any questions that you do not feel comfortable with. You can choose to stop the interview at any time without penalty.

Contact Information

Thank you for reading the information about this research and thinking about participating in the interview. If you are interested in participating or need additional information, please contact he principal investigator by phone or email.

Principal Investigator
Kevin Ralston, M.A.
University of Delaware

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